In cooperation with the University of Paderborn Germany, ESJOT Antriebstechnik GmbH has developed a new process to cut the teeth of chain driven sprockets.

DIAMOND-CUT is an innovative manufacturing process resulting in a visibly higher sprocket quality than was ever possible on standard milled sprockets. Special tooling guarantees a super accurate cutting surface. At the same time the material is highly condensed in the area of the teeth flanges, so that in many cases additional heat treatment is no longer necessary. All sprockets are made from the best German steel to obtain a continued high quality product.

DIAMOND CUT 2.0 achieves an extra extended service life due to the changed tooth contour.

The use of our sprockets is nearly unlimited, be it in the two wheel market or in other industrial fields.

Industrial Applications

Sprockets with DIAMOND-CUT can be made for industrial purposes according to individual needs and requirements. Next to high quality steel other materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or plastics can be used as a base material for applications in the automotive, food, and conveyor industries.

The Two-Wheel Market

ESJOT produces sprockets for this segment maintaining the most assorted warehouse in the industry. The steel we use meets or exceeds highest OEM requirements. The high tensile strength of this material guarantees extreme long life.

Front Sprockets

Highest quality steel 16 MnCR5 of OEM quality is precision cut on CNC machines. Cutting the teeth with our "DIAMOND CUT" process and case hardening of 700 HV40 (case depth of 0.4 mm) meets the highest quality requirements.

Modern milling machines guarantee a perfect fit on the drive shaft with tolerances of overall diameter and wobble remaining under 0.1 mm.

Rear Sprockets

Center holes are precisely cut on CNC machines with extremely low tolerances. Only special steel qualities "Qste 420" and "Qste 460" are used. Mounting holes are countersunk and cleaned. Teeth are cut with our new special procedure "DIAMOND CUT" with tolerances of overall diameter and wobble of below 0.2 mm guarantee super smooth running.